Saturday, June 1, 2013

Review::Shouting in the Silence (This is Olivia) by Malcolm Rhodes

Shouting in the Silence (This is Olivia) by Malcolm Rhodes

I was going to not leave a review but then I felt it best to warn people. This is not a novel this is not a short story this is not complete. I only say this because it calls itself Vol 1 with an implication that there will be more.

It's about 21 pages and for me it read sort of like that old black and white show Dragnet. You know the one where there's the monotone voice over that is broken up by a few lines of dialogue. In fact I kept dredging up its memory as I read this.

Olivia wakes up to an alarm.

Olivia is possibly some form of first responder- possibly in law enforcement.

None of the standard procedures for Olivia seems to work although her transportation,which is automated, seems to work. She is suspicious but does not seem to have any backup procedure to cover the strange circumstances she's awakened to.

She arrives at a possible homicide and is unable to pursue the suspect when she is blocked by an un- passable door. The proprietor of the establishment she has entered treats her like a criminal and a suspect and demands that she leave, which seems weird since there is still a dead child to consider.

Olivia has some strange gut feeling as though she's being guided for some reason. She also seems to realize that she's in a lot of trouble.

As it goes Olivia finds she can trust no one and begins to leave a trail of bodies behind her as a mystery begins to unfold.

This mystery has no answers or resolution here and only more questions.

This novel is part of something Amazon seems to be allowing that they need to take a second look at.

If this were called a sample it would be one thing and I'd be comfortable with that. But this is more like what I've seen all too often- a serial fiction piece which is only limited by the conscience of the author.

How many 21 page books can I sell for .99 cents before the reader gets frustrated?

This one is free but experience tells me if I want more its likely going to cost with no restrictions on how short each piece might be.

If I want to read like that I'll find a web fiction site that publishes every other day or several days a week.

Again this is free maybe the rest will be free maybe this is only free for a short time. I don't know. It's definitely not something I care to see when I'm looking for something to read on Amazon.

But that's just me.

J.L. Dobias

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