Palimpsest of Amniotic Susurrus

Here is an Interesting Review
This is where the name for this came from.

You will have to read it to find out.

It's a novella that might remind you of some of the old early 60's Twilight Zone Episodes.

If you like Twilight Zone you might appreciate this.

One warning is that I do not think the characters in this novel come up to the standards of the characters in the old TV shows.

Also there are some annoying problems in format:

There are no dialogue quote marks which made it difficult for me to tell if someone is talking or the main character is thinking or what.

There are six flash back sections, which were difficult and annoying to me. In the e-book they are two page single paragraphs that are italicized and constitute a wall of text or exposition that has the same affect I get when a needle skips on a record.

I know I lost something but not sure how much.

I get to the end and have to look back to see where I lost track. It's important because I believe within this expository is a clue to most of the motivation of the main character.

The writer appears to me to be trying to make the story scientifically authentic. So, there's a lot of science description to make the reader get the impression that they are working in a time close to our present time and near to and maybe a bit beyond our present level of space exploration.

It's a world where US and USSR are still in a cold to lukewarm war. In this world it has gone too far. The space program has had many more lunar expeditions. The last expedition crew are now the only survivors.

These survivors are using a Nazi device that launches them into parallel universes. They are searching for a parallel where the earth hasn't been destroyed.

For me the story comes off rather flat and the characters seem to be the problem. We see the story through the eyes of the one man, a pilot, who is having the flashbacks. Unfortunately I couldn't easily see the man in the flashback as being the same man in the story.

He's supposed to be a professional pilot who has had quite an extensive career with a lot of training and experience from the flashbacks. In the story he comes off to me like some high school bully who could care less about his classmates(the other survivors).

I see the rest of the crew from the main characters point of view and I keep thinking they might as well not be there.

I have no sympathy for this man and he seems to have no real depth.

I think that the flashbacks are suppose to also tell me his motivation. And it does seem that the final outcome might be deducible from the picture we get out of the flashbacks.

Not my cup of tea, but it did give me the elements for the name of this blog.

J.L. Dobias

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