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Review::Morpheus(Kinetics Book 2) By Andrew Peed

Morpheus(Kinetics Book 2) By Andrew Peed

There is more and more to love about this series each book. Once again we are dealing with issues that seem to be common themes so it's very important that the characters are developed well. And that's exactly what Andrew Peed set out to do in this series.

Grace is a strong character with a lot of flaws that are going to bite her. One of her biggest flaws is not quite understanding herself. She's going to assemble around her some of the very people whom she can rely on. There will be some who aren't so agreeable but most of these people will support her, if she'll let them. There's the problem. Grace has so many reasons that she needs to do everything herself. This is a common problem among people who are otherwise suitable for management-or in this case Command.

Grace Madison a former orphan has discovered she has a sister and parents who are still alive but being held captive. She needs to find them and she has two possible locations for her parents. She also has some other problems. Presently she is relying on the AI's that run her parents home(Chuck, Alrick and Alice) and the self contained power of the home has been compromised. It's a specially designed power supply that might only be fixed by Darrel Aarons who now works for the evil Aurora Corporation.

Worse than that though, Eastcroft is being taken over by the government and Sam is to be replaced. That's not all, it seems that the governement is sending out a group called seekers who are to retrieve and detain the most powerful of the Kinetics. With that in mind Ryder, Ronnie, Sandy, Rachel and Kenny move in with Grace. This works out until the seekers show up and Rachel determines that they have no intention of detaining them.

So now with the government and Aurora after them and having to look for another place to hide out it's time to be proactive. But, can Grace give up control enough to let people help? Will she be able to find and save her sister Isabella. The next time they meet up with the seekers the seekers will have learned and adapted and Grace's command will suffer another setback.

This book is quite well paced most of the way through and it kept me on the edge of my seat and kept me reading for a one sit read. It gets a bit intense at the end and is not something you'll want to put down when you get to that spot.

Great Sci-Fi fantasy and young adult fiction with some elements of cyberspace fiction.

Next book is Jerico

J.L. Dobias

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