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Review::Villains Inc.(Wearing the Cape #2)by Marion G. Harmon

Villains Inc. (Wearing the Cape #2)Villains Inc. by Marion G. Harmon

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Villains Inc (Wearing The Cape #2)by Marion G. Harmon

Astra, aka Hope Corrigan, is at it again. This time she starts out up against a godzilla like beast, while trying to keep it away from the public and her not so super friends she had accompanied on a weekend outing. This seems par for the course for our super hero. As with many, I had reservations about how well Marion G. Harmon could have followed the first book in this series.

Right from the start this one does not disappoint.

Astra is back with her internal friend Shelly who is like a ghost from the past provided by future technology and left to her by The Teatime Anarchist: a past friend and nemesis who proved to be his own worst enemy; but you need to read the first book.

There are many more characters from the first book; but one of the important ones in this one is Artemis. I say this because both Artemis and Shelly undergo some awesome changes, which help develop their characters.

Once again Hopes main concern is one of her mentors, Blackstone. Through the future information available through Shelly, Hope discovers that Blackstone dies soon in at least one version of the future. Since the first book proved that time could be altered somewhat, though at great cost, Hope seeks to find a way to reduce the cost and save a friend.

Of course one problem with super heroes is that they have to have a challenge and this book certainly presents those to her to the tune of often leaving her quite battered throughout the story.

There are secrets to uncover and bad press to try to work through, while she searches for an assassin who might be able to summon demons that can shred the target leaving puddles of liquid full of tiny bones.

The characters are so great and diverse and the notions so widely open that this series of books is beginning to shape up as something that might further entertain me for a quite some time.

This novel contains great stuff for many SFF lovers and all lovers of Comic book heroes.

Well written and nicely done; thanks for the entertaining read.

J.L. Dobias

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