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Review::Looking Through The Mist by Rebecca Vickery

Looking Through The MistLooking Through The Mist by Rebecca J. Vickery

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Looking Through The Mist by Rebecca Vickery

I picked up one of Rebecca's shorts just to get my feet wet and of course since I love Science fiction it was one that was slanted in that direction. This author loves to write stories with a twist and since shorts are sometimes difficult to judge by; I liked what I saw, but decided to check a few other of her short stories and in short order I was looking for something a bit longer. I must confess I was bit skittish since she does love to add those twists and I wasn't sure what she'd do with a novel. This one sounded interesting on several levels and I thought I'd give it a try and I am certainly happy I did.

Rebecca Vickery's characters really came to life for me in this story- another reason to worry about twists- but it was easy to get invested in these characters and be concerned about them right from the very start and that's what I love in my stories.

The main character Jessica Walter is a retired consultant for the FBI who is looking to start a new quieter life in a small community. Jessica is also a Psychic and when we meet her, she's having a vision and her visions always seem to involve children in danger, so how can she not do anything about this. Distressed she calls her old partner also newly retired FBI agent Bob Strickland. After a bit of coaxing Bob agrees to talk to the police in the nearby town where a possible child kidnapping is happening or will happen. And this is how Jessica meets Detective Jonathon Lansing. Despite all her efforts to keep a distance from the police work Jessica will find herself inexorably drawn into it all, which means she'll have to convince a whole new group of people that her psychic ability exists and should be taken seriously if they want to recover the child.

Right from the start Jessica's struggle with what is right and how to maintain her own personal safety draw the reader into a strong relationship with this character. And though there might be a small benefit in having to work with Jonathan Lansing, it is clearly evident that her ability takes a toll on her both physically and emotionally without all the skepticism and unwanted attention she might receive if people start treating her ability like a side show. Rebecca Vickery does such a great job creating these two characters that it's a treat that she does an equal job with all the other characters that people the novel.

This book goes on the top of my list in this genre with my recent favorite Diamond Eyes by AA Bell and I have yet another favorite author for suspense thrillers. Another great book I just could not put down until I had it finished. Looking Through the Mist is well written and superbly executed.

I hope there are more stories with Jessica and Jonathon.

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