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Review::Broken by Susan Jane Bigelow

Broken (Extrahumans, #1)Broken by Susan J. Bigelow

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Broken by Susan Jane Bigelow

This book truly blew me away. I was expecting a superhero type of novel with the usual get the villain save the day type of plot. Don't get me wrong this does have some of those elements the good versus the bad and such. But it manages to skirt nicely around the usual issue of Deus ex Machina that all superheros are susceptible to.

We start with the mysterious shattered hero living the life of a homeless person with a wish to die and being as they are a self healer that wish is constantly denied. She had a good life once but the things she valued the most have gone from that life.

Then we have Michael Forward the man who sees the future and it's a future that both looks bright occasionally and often looks horribly bleak. Michael is still quite young and not ready to handle all the responsibility that he's been given and now he has to protect a child whom he believes might some day be the man to save the world or the terror that will destroy it.

Michael already knows he will meet Broken one day and that together they have at least one possibility of giving Ian a chance to learn his full potential, but there will be a world full of people who want to use the child and they have to get past all of them to succeed.

Together they start the task which becomes a journey of self discovery or rediscovery for each, but as they grow closer to future Michael Forward is beginning to face the reality that he might not be able to pull this off. But the future is such a slippery beast.

This is a great YA SFF for those who like thought provoking stories with a few extra-ordinary characters.

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