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Review:Time Change (Book Three: The Way Back) by Alex Myers

Time Change Book Three: The Way BackTime Change Book Three: The Way Back by Alex Myers

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Time Change (Book Three: The Way Back) by Alex Myers

I think that Alex Myers writing is still quite solid in this iteration of the time series, but I have to side with the people who came out a bit disappointed. I think my disappointment might be hinging on some different factors.

The trouble with time travel novels is that once through the looking glass and then back to the future there are often changes that have rippled through the reality so unless you do as Marty Mcfly did and go further back you run the risk of immediately changing from a time travel novel to alternate history. Ultimately even after the first time through Mcfly was showing us altered history for at least portions of the story. The beauty of traveling forward is that you can do that with impunity and return to your own time with little change to worry about unless you change something through the influence the future had on you. Ah, the confusion of time travel epochs.

Even so as an alternate history this story didn't bother me and I enjoyed the chance to wrap up a few things with the characters and see some resolution. What blindsided me in this novel was that there were questions in my mind from the first novel that were presented by the prologue or first scene that don't fully get addressed or answered and I'd been under the impression that this was a trilogy so I was expecting some understandable conclusion for me to grip with my feeble mind.

Somehow I missed that and it disappointed me.

Still the end is good enough and satisfying enough that it's not a great disappointment that I might have to wait for more stories to come before all the answers arrive.

This is good solid writing for the SFF fan to grab onto and a great ongoing series in the now alternate universe of the Time Change novels.

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