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Review::Endeavour by Ralph Kerns

EndeavourEndeavour by Ralph Kern

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Endeavour by Ralph Kerns

This novel looked interesting in that it seemed to promise to give an experience more representative of what the space program today is like and what it might be like in the future. As I read the story it began to look a lot like the typical star trek spinoff but it was taking the story of the Dyson Sphere further. It in fact seemed to be moving it more toward the more current trend in science fiction to Matrioshka Arrays based on the Dyson Sphere. But first it has to get us into space so we invent a sort of cross between a star-gate and the transporter technologies. I have to admit its been a while since I read a book of this caliber; since John Forsberg's Day One.

The entire premise or plot in this story is the notion of question; where is everybody? I'm not talking about the Twilight Zone episode I'm talking of the Fermi Paradox. Since our sun and world are relatively young then there might be older systems with older worlds with older civilizations with more advanced technology and the universe should be full of explorers and colonies- so where is everybody?

This book begins and embodies the search for the answer that reveals the truth. Endeavour should appeal to all Simon Pure Science Fiction Fans because Ralph Kern does a great job of trying to keep his science well grounded with the physics we know today. There are a lot of recognizable locations that are used in the search and some interesting speculations on what we might find out there.

Ralph Kern does a spectacular job of entertaining us, but I do have some of the usual Caveats. I have a rule that says if I find 6 errors there are likely to be 6 more and so I draw the line at 6, which equals 12 in my screwy system. What I mean by errors is problems with grammar, spelling and punctuation. Most of mine end up mostly concentrated on the first two. The version of the novel that I have (Feb 14 2014) has over 50 suspicious problems I encountered(The author has had editing done since this originally was written.). These are usually things that are easily rectified, in that the reader can figure out the correct word usage or grammar intended. But it means that those people who have problems with that will want to keep that in mind. Some of these might go unnoticed to some people.

The story spans long distances and a long time, but we experience it through the eyes of those chosen to explore and their unique situation allows them to stretch the time of their lives. The search is like searching for a needle in a haystack only it's in the middle of a field of haystacks and it's pitch black out. So what happens when we light a match to see? You will have to read this fine piece to get that answer.

Great stuff for the SFF fans and for anyone who enjoys entertaining and thought provoking speculative fiction. If you're a fan of star trek or Babylon 5 or just someone who enjoys watching the space program you should read this.

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