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Review::The Hunters Daughter (a C-Shapes novel) By matthew fish

The Hunter's Daughter - A C-Shapes NovelThe Hunter's Daughter - A C-Shapes Novel by Matthew Fish

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The Hunters Daughter (a C-Shapes novel) By Matthew fish

Having read C-Shapes I wasn't sure what to expect from a novel taken from the other side. I certainly was not prepared for the intense thriller that this turned out to be. I've had authors pull me out of my comfort zone now and then but to do that twice in one novel at such strategic points was quite a risk to take. I almost threw the whole thing away about three quarters of the way through the book. And even though I'm not necessarily please about the way the novel ends, I'm happy I finished it and was able to get the whole experience.

As with other novels I will allow this caveat for those who don't like the grammar errors and spelling glitches. This book has 13 that I found and I usually don't find them all. I'd feel bad about not finding them all but editors these days seem to have a problem finding them all.

This is a gritty story of a teenage-young woman who is brought up to become a killer because time and circumstances require it. In the C-shape world a virus has cause a large number of he population to be affected and eventually it leads to an aggro condition that leaves people dead in their wake and so hunters are employed to take out the monsters.

But as with the first novel not everything is as it seems but as it is it's bad enough. Chloe Bartlow has a brother, Aaron, who is infected. Her mother was but she went aggro and her father had to kill her and Chloe had to witness this. She lives in fear of the day that he will have to kill her brother Aaron, but worse than that she fears some day she may have to do it herself.

Her father has given her rigorous training in survival far beyond what is necessary to be a hunter and when the C-Shapes people decide to have her father train people in their main facility they promote her to a full fledged Hunter. Her life changes dramatically and she must learn to become a cold blooded killer. She tries to resist throughout the entire story.

Once again things are not as they seem and Matthew Fish hits the reader right in the gut a couple of time as he tells a twisted tale.

If you look for well defined happy endings this might not be the place. If you like those thought provoking novels with some kick then this will set you to thinking.

I enjoyed this novel along with hating it sometimes; and getting a bit irate with the author other times. The end packs a real punch and it makes this a book well worth reading.

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