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Review:Leopard Dreaming (Book three of the Mira Chambers Series.) by A.A. Bell

Leopard Dreaming (Book three of the Mira Chambers Series.) by A.A. Bell

This book is fast paced and exciting and of the three books it is the most frustrating at times. Mira Chambers seems to live in a land of grey where there is a thin line between the good guys and the bad guys and they may even be trying to obtain similar goals. The bad guys don't seem to care much about who gets hurt in the process. The good guys are not much better. This is typical of the genre of suspense thriller and spy novels. What's usually most frustrating about these types of novels is that the hero ends up coming off as a somewhat amoral type of person.

I'm definitely never sure about Lockman.

Lockman seems like such a nice person when dealing with Mira and then he goes into his protective mode and all bets are off. He does seem to display some restraint, but I wonder if that's just mostly because of Mira. This Mira influence on him could get them both killed.

Mira and Lockman are pointed at the scene of a crime. Mira is not sure what she needs to know here, only that someone was murdered and she knows who the murderer is. As things unfold it would seem that this is all part of a plot that Kitching has going. Mira has virtually wiped out his money laundering operation so he needs a new one and the killer is connected to the banking industry. It appears he wants to use Mira's talent to look in the past and get enough clues to blackmail this person.

Kitching is holding Madonna Sanchez and Freddie Leopard; Mira is tempted to make a deal with him. The problem is that Kitching has already proven several times over that he can't be trusted- no matter what he promises. This time there is much more revelation about Kitching, Freddie, and Mira-things that will send their pasts all rushing together.

Mira is fast falling for Lockman and wondering how to handle her feelings and her past with Ben Chiron. Despite her misgivings about Lockman's past and who he truly is, she's come to rely on him. It going to take a lot to get them through things this time and Lockman may be the only person she can rely on.

General Garland is supposed to be the good guys, but everything she does is motivated by her agenda even when it seems like a kindness. Mira finds herself refusing the gifts and help Garland gives because she doesn't want the type of involvement that she's working towards.

Kitching has Freddie who can hear the future and so Mira has to rely on sign language and other obfuscations to communicate with those helping her. Ultimately Mira is left to her own resources and any attempts she can make to connect with people without giving away everything that she's planning. She has to play Kitching's game and hope she will survive.

In the end the stakes are much higher than expected and Mira is going to be expected to pay a much higher price than she ever planned.

You will have to read this to find out how it all works out.

This is a great Thriller Suspense novel and is perfect for those who like a good Spy novel. The good news is that this wraps up the trilogy.

Thanks, A.A. Bell for a intense but fun read.

J.L. Dobias

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