Monday, March 11, 2013

Review:Yellow Horizon War of the Auras Book Two by Jessica Acosta

Yellow Horizon War of the Auras Book Two by Jessica Acosta

This is a beautiful middle book to a trilogy.

We have gotten to watch Jamie grow from an organized yet unfocused almost wandering spirit into someone who has found a purpose in life. Then almost at the height of that she discovers a great deception that could easily rip the heart out of the hardest of soldiers.

Now we're about to witness the downward spiral of a soul who's reached a point of trying to reconcile her past and present. It's almost like having an elephant try to actualize that he's an eagle- or vice-versa. It seems absurd but, because of the human element, that possibility of attempt at actualization exists. Jamie is trying to look at her heritage and reconcile that with what she seems to have actualized and has suddenly made that realization of the ridiculous nature of an elephant trying to be an eagle.

It's going to take a lot of push to bring her out of the spiral. It's going to take the discovery that her heritage is not quite what she has been led to believe.

And even when that is said and done there are so many other obstacles and decision that stand before her that she'll be tested to the brink of death and beyond.

There are so many images in this story that are bits of symbolism possibly derived from myths- I honestly have not tried to research any of it yet. There are rich descriptions of worlds that might exist only in someones dreams.

I do know that the author, Jessica Acosta, is studying Anthropology and I would have to suspect that she's putting what she's learning to good use.

If you like mythology, if you like the study of human behavior and development and if you like fantasy and science fiction you'll be delighted by these books.

Despite my own urgency to read the third book, which is a work in progress, I will urge Jessica to take her time and the third will be the best one yet.

J.L. Dobias

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