Thursday, June 21, 2012

Self Publish How To Resource

If you have self published or you are thinking of self publishing there is something in here that you can take away.

There's lots of general help and some specific tips and a bit of wisdom such as the statement listed below.

"If you think your writing is perfect and that you never make mistakes, then you're clearly delusional - no offense, but no one is perfect, ever."

How Expert Press; Johnson, Jennifer-Crystal (2012-04-01). How To Self Publish - Your Step-By-Step Guide to Self Publishing (Kindle Locations 278-279). . Kindle Edition.

I like that it covers a lot of territory in a compact area. Everything from editing to formatting and choosing programs to help publish and format the cover graphics. Tips on creating e-books that will give the reader the best experience. I particularly found the tutorial for setting up MS Word review features helpful. That is something I could have benefited from on my first venture into self publishing. Now when I hand someone my raw work to edit I can just say here- chapter one under Revision.

Nice tool.

J.L. Dobias Author of Cripple-Mode:Hot Electric

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